Gastric Surgery Better Than Dieting?

The prestigous New England Journal of Medicine has published a study saying that gastric bypass surgery is a “more effective way” to treat severe obesity than dieting. However, if enhancing health and vitality is the ultimate goal, gastric bypass surgery can’t hold a candle to weight loss through diet and exercise.

The most common kind of gastric bypass surgery involves making the stomach smaller by using staples of restrictive bands. In addition, a portion of the intestines is bypassed. The result is that a smaller amount of food causes the patient to feel full, while the shorter intestine length means less food (and calories) is absorbed in that portion of the digestive tract.

While an obese person undergoing this surgery is prohibited from eating as much food due to the smaller stomach, there is a price to pay. The stomach is absolutely essential for protein digestion and mineral absorption. The acid in the stomach also plays a very important roll in regulating the amount of healthy bacteria that live in the digestive system.

Further nutritional concerns come up when portions of the intestines are bypassed. This is the primary location for absorption of vitamins and minerals. The upper (small) intestine is also vital for its roll in mixing enzymes with foods to allow fats and carbohydrates to be properly broken down.

This study compared the surgery to “conventional” diet recommendations. In other words, the surgery was compared to the success of patients who were given a set of general guidelines about eating, with little or no individualization or ongoing support with that diet program. The diet as doomed to fail, and the surgery was sure to win in this kind of mismatch.

At Nature Cures Clinic our primary goal is in the optimization of health and well-being. Weight loss is often a part of that goal, and the physicians at Nature Cures spend a great deal of time designing specific nutritional programs. At the same time, other supportive therapies are often used to enhance the potential for each individual to more easily and rapidly achieve their optimal weight.

A weight loss program will not only include a personalized diet, but may also include hypnosis, acupuncture, massage, targeted supplements, IV nutrition, chiropiractic treatment, exercise counseling or many other therapies. The goal is always to achieve weight loss through the healthiest and most supportive therapies possible.

If you or someone you know feels they have “tried everything” to lose weight, set up an appointment with a physician at Nature Cures Clinic. Visit our Appointments Page to set it up. No one else can lose the weight for you, but we can guarantee that you will feel supported throughout the process, and your health will never be compromised.

That’s a guarantee that no practitioner of gastric surgery can ever make.

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  1. Asking “Is it okay to be fat?” makes as much sense as asking if it’s ok to be short, or tall, or thin, or blond, or brunette, or blue-eyed, or brown-eyed, or Asian, or Native American, or Black, or blind, or paralyzed, or different in any way from what is considered the “norm”. After all, we have just about as much control over fatness as we have over all the other ways we are different from one another. Of course it’s ok to be fat, just like it’s ok to be thin, or anything in-between fat and thin. The best way to make it mainstream acceptable to be fat is for more and more fat people to learn how to accept themselves as fat, learn to love themselves, and demand the respect and dignity we all deserve as human beings.

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