The Burden of Recurring Sinusitis and Bronchitis

In a survey conducted of 606 self-identified sufferers of recurring sinusitis and bronchitis, nearly half of them had missed at least one day of work due to one of these illnesses, and a quarter of them had missed three or more days of work. In addition to over $6 billion being spent annually to treat sinusitis, additional billions are lost through work absence.

The medical doctors who conducted this survey note that it is important to treat these conditions appropriately, and that antibiotics should only be used to treat sinusitis or bronchitis that is caused by bacteria, not viruses. However, there is another option for treatment, one that offers much greater benefits than antibiotics.

If one or both of these conditions is recurring, then one thing is certain: something is causing the immune system of the upper respiratory tract to be weak. Sinusitis and bronchitis do not occur for no reason, and they do not afflict everyone. Some individuals tend to get them over and over.

In a medical system that focuses on economic efficiency, there is not enough time to investigate the various aspects of a person’s life and health history to find the source of reduced immunity. It is much quicker and easier to simply write prescriptions. However, if the goal is not just to diminish the current symptoms, but also to reduce the likelihood of recurrence in the future, then antibiotics are not necessarily the best treatment, even for bacterial infections.

Reduced immunity in the upper respiratory tract can be related to many different factors. Naturopathic physicians treating recurring sinusitis or bronchitis are likely to investigate many potential causes. These include dietary factors, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, ongoing exposures, stress or sleep issues that suppress immunity, and many others. By addressing these issues, the overall health of an individual is enhanced, reducing the chances that the conditions will occur in the future.

The physicians at Nature Cures Clinic have treated dozens of individuals who had experienced recurring upper respiratory tract infections. The symptoms of the current illness are relieved through targeted supportive therapies, and the long-term health is supported by identifying and treating the cause of the suppressed immunity.

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Antibiotics might relieve the symptoms of sinusitis or bronchitis today. But naturopathic therapies will relieve today’s symptoms and greatly reduce the chance of experiencing these conditions in the future.