Preventing the Flu Without a Vaccination

Flu season is quickly approaching, and the shortage of flu vaccines has many people panicked. The CDC is recommending that vaccines be preferentially given to those at greatest risk: the elderly, children, and those with serious illnesses.

However, in the panic about getting a vaccination, a simple truth is easily forgotten: prevention is the best medicine. Vaccinations are certainly not the only way to keep from catching the flu this season. Furthermore, a vaccination is no guarantee against getting the flu. Last flu season, a large percentage of those who got the flu had been vaccinated.

Influenza affects millions of individuals each flu season. It was the 6th leading cause of death in the United States in 2001, resulting in over 60,000 deaths that year. It is caused by a virus, and like every other viral illness, influenza is less likely to cause illness in an individual whose immune system function and overall vitality are optimal.

Modern medicine, with its emphasis on high-tech solutions to disease, overlooks many cheap, readily accessible and highly effective therapies that can dramatically reduce susceptibility to any infectious disease. These therapies have a very important advantage over a vaccination.

While the flu vaccination may offer protection against the flu this year, that is the only health advantage of it. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that a flu vaccination this year may lead to an increased susceptibility to catching the flu next year.

On the other hand, supportive therapies that enhance overall immunity and vitality will not only decrease the risk of catching the flu, but they decrease the risk of all diseases, both infectious and chronic. In addition, supportive therapies today will enhance – not compromise – long-term health.

Some very simple yet important flu prevention therapies that everyone has access to include drinking adequate water, getting moderate daily exercise, not overeating over the holidays, getting adequate sleep, and reducing stress. Each of these simple and free practices will go a long way toward enhancing immunity.

If you would like to learn about more detailed and comprehensive ways to help prevent influenza and other infectious diseases, contact our clinic by visiting our New Appointments Page.

Individuals who are still worried about the lack of flu vaccines and who want to do everything they can will discover many naturopathic options, including IV vitamins and nutrients, immune-enhancing diet changes, acupuncture, Western and Chinese herbal formulas, and many others.

This flu season, don’t panic, prepare.