Preventing Heart Disease

A recent study conducted by the Stanford University School of Medicine discovered something truly astounding. If a patient had at least one risk factor for developing heart disease – the largest and preventable cause of death in the country – less than 45% received diet counseling and less than 30% received exercise advice during a visit to their physician.

Every year around 1 million Americans die of heart disease. Tragically, this disease is among the most preventable of all causes of death. Diet, exercise and lifestyle factors such as smoking are the largest contributors to the development of this condition, which is now the largest killer of women as well as men.

No patient with a risk of heart disease would leave their naturopathic office visit at Nature Cures Clinic without receiving thorough counseling regarding nutrition, exercise, and a whole range of other important therapies to both prevent and even reverse heart disease.

In the year 2001 approximately $300 billion was spent on the treatment of cardiovascular disease. This astounding cost is paid for by everyone through rising premiums. In addition, $129 billion in lost productivity due to the disease means a large burden on the economy and resulting higher prices overall. All this to pay for a disease that is almost entirely preventable!

If you or someone you know is concerned about developing heart disease, don’t hesitate to visit with a naturopathic physician to get a comprehensive treatment plan. At Nature Cures Clinic, we utilize extensive nutritional counseling, food allergy testing and/or heavy metal testing, IV nutrients, activity and exercise counseling, acupuncture, massage, botanical medicines or many other therapies to dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease.

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Heart disease is preventable, but only if you take the steps to prevent it.