Antibiotics and Heart Disease

Several months ago it was discovered that lifetime consumption of antibiotics by women increased the overall risk of developing breast cancer. Now a team of researchers at Vanderbuilt University School of Medicine have found yet another very significant reason to be cautious with antibiotic use.

After studying nearly 1500 people, they found that consumption of the common antibiotic erythromycin doubled the risk of suffering a fatal heart attack. Even more strikingly, when erythromycin was taken in combination with any of several other common medications, the risk of dying from a heart attack increased fivefold.

One of the drugs that caused the deadly combination with erythromycin is verapamil, commonly prescribed to treat everything from high blood pressure to migraines, panic attacks and depression.

Though they are prescribed hundreds of millions of times every year, antibiotics are increasingly being recognized having potentially serious consequences. It has been long known that antibiotics deplete various nutrients in the body, often cause digestive upset, and can lead to significant fatigue. These recent studies are showing that their use can have other serious and even life-threatening consequences as well.

Antibiotics are used to kill bacteria. However, no antibiotic is as effective as a well-functioning immune system at eliminating germs without harming the health of the individual. While the drugs may take away symptoms in the short-term, they compromise overall health in the long-term, increasing the risk of more infections in the future.

Not only do infectious cause symptoms, but they also generate waste in the body. There are many naturopathic therapies that can help your body eliminate those wastes so that you don’t feel as sluggish and fatigued.

Naturopathic physicians are specialists in enhancing immunity. If you would like to know about safe, healthy and health-enhancing alternatives to antibiotics, send us a note at or visit our New Appointments Page.

While at times they may be appropriate, there are better ways to treat the vast majority of infections than taking antibiotics. And when the treatment is over, your vitality will have improved and your overall health will be enhanced. No antibiotic can offer that.