The Wrong Way to Treat Allergies

As many as 25% of people worldwide suffer from allergies of some kind. In fact, treatment for seasonal allergies – sometimes very intense – is one of the most common symptoms that lead people to visit Nature Cures Clinic.

A team of Austrian scientists publishing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences thinks they have found a promising treatment: a genetically engineered vaccination. Based upon results in a limited trial in three countries, the team believes that their vaccination causes the body to form “a kind of barrier of antibodies” that prevent the allergic reaction.

This approach highlights a fundamental difference between how conventional and naturopathic medicine view disease. These researchers describe their vaccine as a tool to suppress a specific branch of the immune system that leads to the symptoms of allergies. By contrast, a naturopathic physician works to understand why the allergies are happening.

If someone experiences allergies, it means that their immune system is overactive. They produce an immune response against one or more things that most others do not. Since the goal of health care is to enhance the overall health and well-being of every patient, naturopathic physicians work to understand the cause of the the reaction and to treat that cause, whatever it might be. Immune overactivity indicates a system of the body that is out of balance. Restoring balance to the immune system is an important step toward health.

In our clinic, we find that people experience allergies for a number of different reasons, and each reason indicates a different and unique treatment plan. Some of the sources of allergies that we find include heavy metal burden in the body, hidden food reactions that keep the immune system over-stimulated, vitamin or nutrient deficiencies, and others.

The goal of any comprehensive treatment plan is not simply to make the symptoms go away, but to do so with therapies that enhance one’s general health. While injecting genetically modified proteins (along with various preservatives used in vaccines) may relieve symptoms, such a therapy actually inhibits an important component of one’s immune system. The cause of the immune overreaction has not been addressed.

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