Tainted Flu Vaccines

Chiron Corp., maker of flu vaccines, has found that about 4 million of the 50 million doses of vaccine it has produced are “tainted.” While it is never stated exactly what the vaccines are tainted with, a vice president of the company made an ironic statement regarding the problem: “We are confident that we’ve identified the root cause.”

The pharmaceutical makers will spend millions of dollars and go to enormous lengths to identify the “root cause” of contamination of their products. However, there is absolutely no focus at all in examining the “root cause” of influenza itself.

The conventional medical world will soon roll out its campaign to get everyone vaccinated in preparation for the flu season, but a simple truth will be lost: influenza is dangerous to those who have a weakened immune system, such as the elderly and individuals already ill with other conditions.

Instead of advocating that the population receive annual injections of mercury-containing vaccines, a health care system that truly promoted health would advocate immune enhancing therapies to improve immunity, raise vitality and optimize resistance. These therapies should be started before the flu season starts.

For naturopathic physician, these types of therapies are the very foundation of their practice. At Nature Cures Clinic, we assist people in preparing for cold and flu season through nutrition and activity coaching, targeted supplementation, acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and even through immune-stimulating IV nutrients to “supercharge” resistance or facilitate recovery from a case of a cold or the flu already underway.

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We can guarantee that your treatment plan will contain absolutely no mercury.