Our Daily Toxic Exposure

A recent article by neuro-psychologist Sheila Bastien, Ph.D., pointed out that we are exposed to more than 500 chemicals and toxic substances every day. This isn’t surprising given that over 70,000 chemicals are now produced and used regularly.

Dr. Bastien listed just a few of the sources of these chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. They include:

“pesticides, secondhand smoke, alcohol, fresh paint, scented products and perfumes, food preservatives and flavor enhancers, aerosols, tap water, cosmetics, new carpets, petroleum products, formaldehyde, outdoor pollutants, cleaning compounds, printing and office products.”

In the body, it is primarily the job of the liver to process these chemicals and prepare them to be removed from the body. However, as the exposure level increases, the liver’s ability to remove these toxins can become overwhelmed, and toxins can accumulate in the body. Symptoms of this can range from allergies and fatigue to depression, headaches and a whole host of others.

Naturopathic medicine has many therapies at its disposal to help minimize exposure to chemicals and for helping the liver do its job. Nutritional therapies, targeted supplementation, Chinese medicine and others can all facilitate liver detoxification, resulting in relief of symptoms associated with liver congestion.

Individuals concerned about chemical exposure or interested in liver detoxification therapies can contact Nature Cures Clinic at info@naturecuresclinic.com or call 503-287-4970. The physicians a Nature Cures Clinic regularly run laboratory tests to assess toxic exposures and design treatment plans tailored to the needs of each individual.

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