Migraine Sufferers Spend 70% More on Health Care

Families with a migraine sufferer spent an average of $4700 more per year on health care than families without a migraine sufferer. The spouse of a migraine sufferer had health care costs that were an average of 24% higher than average.

Chronic and recurring pain of any type is exhausting and frustrating. Unfortunately, standard medications used to treat headaches do nothing to treat the underlying cause of the headaches, which means that an individual would have to remain on the medication for their lifetime.

Identifying the cause of symptoms is a primary requirement for permanent symptom relief. The four practitioners at Nature Cures Clinic offer a wide range of tests and therapies aimed at identifying and treating the underlying cause of migraines and many other conditions. Call the clinic for details.A recent article in the American Journal of Managed Care (May 2004) reported that individuals who suffer from migraine headaches spend about 70% more on medical costs than other families. It is also interesting that people in the immediate family of migraine sufferers also have higher health care costs than the general population. This suggests when an individual suffers from recurring migraines, the whole family experiences a higher stress level and consequent diminished health.