Why Cleanse?

That question is one we get a lot and the answer is as complex as we humans are!

The medical reasons to cleanse, from naturopathic perspective, are to support detoxification. Yet, we also know that they are good ways to lose weight, restore energy and improve mood.

We don’t recommend cleanses done without the support and consultation of medical providers, so if you are thinking about a cleanse (for any reason) we invite you to come in and talk it over with one of our specialists.

The cleanse that we use, Isagenix,  comes in two flavors – Vanilla and Chocolate. It comes as a cleanse kit, with a shake, drinks, and snacks. That said, we sell a lot of the shakes separately to people who use it as a quick meal replacement (many nurses love it for their long shifts!) and a “smoothy shake snack”. We have found that kids particularly love the shakes as they really are delicious and we stand behind their ingredients appropriate for those on many special diets!

Fish Oil: Cure-All?

There’s no supplement that can cure everything, but if the latest research is any indication, fish oil seems to come pretty close.

You’ve probably heard the claims that it can increase your baby’s brain function and promote a healthy pregnancy. But it doesn’t stop there!

The physicians at Nature Cures Clinic have access to much of the latest research about the use of supplements and how they can help you. And this week, we’ve gotten to see a whopping NINE new studies that promote the benefits of fish oil!

Here’s a glimpse into the latest findings: Continue reading “Fish Oil: Cure-All?”

Naturopathic Views on Gastric Bypass Surgery

Listen to Naturopathic Views on Gastric Bypass Surgery

In this podcast, Dr. Greg Eckel and Dr. Greg Nigh discuss a surgery that is not only highly risky because an organ in the body is being removed, but they also discuss that it is a surgery that is also highly unnecessary.  From a naturopathic perspective, they will talk about how this is something that can be avoided through something as simple as lifestyle changes.

Gastric Surgery Better Than Dieting?

The prestigous New England Journal of Medicine has published a study saying that gastric bypass surgery is a “more effective way” to treat severe obesity than dieting. However, if enhancing health and vitality is the ultimate goal, gastric bypass surgery can’t hold a candle to weight loss through diet and exercise.

The most common kind of gastric bypass surgery involves making the stomach smaller by using staples of restrictive bands. In addition, a portion of the intestines is bypassed. The result is that a smaller amount of food causes the patient to feel full, while the shorter intestine length means less food (and calories) is absorbed in that portion of the digestive tract. Continue reading “Gastric Surgery Better Than Dieting?”

Diet Soda May Not Help Weight Loss Effort

Tens of millions of people drink diet sodas every day as a way of cutting their calories. The conventional wisdom is that diet beverages won’t cause weight gain, since there are no calories in them. This is unlike regular sodas sweetened with sugar or high fructose corn syrup, which can contain the equivalent of several teaspoons of sugar per single serving.

New research, though, has cast doubt on the notion that diet sodas help with weight loss. In fact, it could be that drinking artificially sweetened, no-calorie drinks are making weight loss even more difficult. Continue reading “Diet Soda May Not Help Weight Loss Effort”

Yo-yo Dieting Decreases Immune Function

A recent article published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association (June 2004) gave yet another reason to avoid the weight loss/weight gain cycle of dieting. The repeated changes in weight are a stress to the body, and stress has a number of negative consequences.

In this study, women were interviewed to determine their pattern of weight loss/gain over the previous 20 years. In addition, the health of their immune system was assessed through the activity of immune system cells called natural killer cells (NK). These cells play an important role in everything from preventing colds to fighting cancer.

The researchers discovered that women who had lost and regained 10-or-more pounds more than one time over the previous 20 years had a suppressed immune system. Most strikingly, those who had lost weight more than 5 times had natural killer cell function that was one third less than someone whose weight had remained stable over the same period.

Undertaking diets or using supplements that promise quick weight loss may shed some pounds in the short term, but supporting health means that weight needs to remain stable over many years. The practitioners at Nature Cures Clinic have expertise in designing diet and lifestyle programs that optimize weight while at the same time optimizing overall health and vitality. In addition, therapies such as acupuncture, massage, hypnosis and physical medicine can be used to support individuals in making these changes as enjoyable as possible.

Call the clinic for more information or to schedule a consultation about weight loss.