Is Disease Really in Your Genes?

A research team made up of government and non-government genetic researchers have published a study that casts yet more doubt on the role of our genes as a “master blueprint.” The study was done on mice, in which a seemingly tiny .085% of the entire genome was deleted. However, this amounts to 2.3 million individual pieces of genetic code.

What the researchers found was that even with this relatively enormous deletion of genetic code (by comparison, many diseases are attributed to a single piece of genetic code being deleted), there was no measurable difference between normal mice and the mice with the genetic deletions. Mice were compared in viability, growth rate, lifespan and other differences in cell chemistry.

Over the past several months there have been major changes in the idea that the genetic code is the ultimate control of what happens in cells, organs and bodies. This latest research is simply more reason to believe that genes do not determine everything, and if the current trend continues, science will discover that many other factors play a more important role in determine what happens in cells than genes. Continue reading “Is Disease Really in Your Genes?”