Fish Oil: Cure-All?

There’s no supplement that can cure everything, but if the latest research is any indication, fish oil seems to come pretty close.

You’ve probably heard the claims that it can increase your baby’s brain function and promote a healthy pregnancy. But it doesn’t stop there!

The physicians at Nature Cures Clinic have access to much of the latest research about the use of supplements and how they can help you. And this week, we’ve gotten to see a whopping NINE new studies that promote the benefits of fish oil!

Here’s a glimpse into the latest findings: Continue reading “Fish Oil: Cure-All?”

Plant Sterols, Fish Oil and Cardiovascular Disease

A combination of two supplements can significantly improve total
cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL and LDL. Published in the Journal of
Nutrition, this study looked at 60 individuals with elevated lipids.
Those individuals who were given a combination of plant sterols and
omega-3 oils experienced a significant improvement in their lipid
profiles. Specifically, their total cholesterol dropped by over 13%,
their triglycerides fell by 25%, their LDL (“bad”) cholesterol fell by
over 12% and their HDL (“good”) cholesterol rose by over 8%.

These are precisely the changes that physicians want to see for
lowering an individual’s risk of cardiovascular disease.

Naturopathic Views on Statins

Listen to Statins Podcast

In this podcast, Nature Cures Clinic founder, Dr. Greg Eckel and colleagues discuss statins, drugs that are prescribed to lower cholesterol.  They discuss what the risks are in using statins to balance out the cholesterol, rather than addressing the underlying cause of the imbalance.  Drugs are the most common way that conventional medicine will use to address high cholesterol.  They will explain to you the naturopathic way of addressing it through fixing the underlying cause of the elevated cholesterol, which will ultimately give you the ability to bring your cholesterol level back down, in a way that is healthy, safe and often permanent.

CRP, Diet, and Drugs

Conventional medicine has long used cholesterol levels to determine heart disease risk. Millions and millions of people are prescribed one of the statin drugs (Lipitor, Lovastatin, etc) only because their cholesterol measures over 200. Statins are also said to have anti-inflammatory effects as well, and so are being heralded as wonder drugs for those with heart disease.

However, over the past few years medical researchers have found that another lab marker, called C-reactive protein (CRP) is more predictive of heart disease risk than cholesterol. CRP levels indicate the amount of inflammation happening in the arteries, and heart disease is much more likely in those whose level of inflammation is elevated. Continue reading “CRP, Diet, and Drugs”