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The Nathuropathic Approach to Food Allergies

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Listen to: Naturopathic Approach to Food Allergies

In this podcast, Nature Cures Clinic founder Dr. Greg Eckel and colleagues will discuss the topic of food allergies and the impact they have on the body.  They talk about how essentially any symptom that a person is having, whether it be something minor or a chronic sickness, may be caused by something as simple as what they are putting into their mouth.  Some naturopathic approaches that they take to identify potential food allergies in their patients includes things such as an elimination diet, blood and/or saliva testing.  They conclude the podcast with a couple of dramatic patient stories.  One patient responded so well to the elimination diet, that the patient was able to stop taking medication for the symptoms they had been dealing with for almost their entire life!

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