Naturopathic Views on Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations

Listen to:  Naturopathic  Approach to Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations

In this podcast, Portland naturopathic doctors, Dr. Greg Eckel and Dr. Greg Nigh discuss the new USPSTF breast cancer screening recommendations that were released in November 2009.  What should women do now?  They will guide you through their thoughts on some naturopathic and alternative approaches women can take to protect themselves against breast cancer.

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3 Responses to “Naturopathic Views on Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations”

  1. Frances Leung says:

    I am a recent listener and really enjoy all your podcasts, but this one particularly hit the spot! At 44 yrs of age, I have had 3 mammograms done. My last mammography indicated a necessary almost immediate biopsy procedure which I promptly cancelled after listening to your podcast and doing some further research alluding the fact that biopsy can in fact “activate” otherwise ” sleeping ” cancer cells which in turn eventually leads to the generally accepted allopathic protocol of radiation, chemo etc….
    My doctors insist on my biopsy, I said I wasn’t quite ready.
    Please, can you suggest some alternative natural methods of confirming and limiting possible cancerous cells ? Any additional information would be helpful to me.
    Unfortunately, I am not near your clinic, I live abroad and can not find much support here from the conventional doctors in my area. I currently live in Paris, France, can you recommend anyone ?
    Thank You very much for your time and attention! I would really appreciate a quick response, as I am being pressured to go through with my biopsy ASAP!
    I and I’m sure many others out there are waiting hopefully for a follow up to your too short Breast Cancer Screening podcast aired in January. Frances Leung

  2. Nicole Vulcan Editor says:

    Thanks for listening, Frances! I will pass this along to our doctors for a response.

  3. Nicole Vulcan Editor says:

    Frances – We talk to a lot of people from out of town who don’t have access to naturopathic care. We are blessed to have Dr. Rose Paisley on staff, who responds to that need by doing remote consultation services. Her consultation can be a great compliment to the care you’re getting right now. Check out Dr. Paisley’s page for more information: It sounds like this type of service would be a good fit for you!