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HBOT and TBI worth considering

There is compelling evidence and it’s growing that Hyperbaric oxygen should be considered in cases of TBI.  We really empathize the physiological aspects of hyperbaric, mainly increasing the … Continue reading “HBOT and TBI worth considering”

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapeutics (HBOT), Help for TBI, Parkinsons, and Lyme sufferers

  What is HBOT? HBOT is administered within a hyperbaric chamber, delivering a carefully managed dosage of increased atmospheric pressure and pure oxygen over a prescribed period of … Continue reading “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapeutics (HBOT), Help for TBI, Parkinsons, and Lyme sufferers”

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Thyroid Dysfunction

As an integrated medical clinic, the approach our providers take to thyroid dysfunction is multifaceted and varied, just like the individuals who we see. Thyroid dysfunction can present in … Continue reading “Thyroid Dysfunction”

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