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Whole Family Integrated Health Care

Nature Cures Clinic is an integrated medical clinic located in downtown Portland, OR .

Established in 2001, we began as a naturopathic & acupuncture clinic and have rapidly expanded to provide integrated, holistic  primary and specialty medical care throughout the lifespan. We serve patients across the pacific northwest, as well as internationally.

With a focus on helping as many people as we can achieve optimal health through patient centered care, we realized years ago that patients were best served by an integrated and collaborative approach to medicine.

Our team of providers include naturopathic physicians, nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, and acupuncturists collaborating to provide individualized medical care. With longer patient appointments and relationship-based medicine, we aim to support, encourage, and inspire you on your health journey.

At Nature Cures Clinic, we believe in a model of care that respects Eastern and Western medicine, philosophies and modalities. In treating the whole person, not just your symptoms, we use the best medicine for your unique health needs.

Your Journey toward optimum health & vitality starts here!

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Integrated Health News:


The Many Faces of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) carries a huge complexity of factors, each of which complicates the healing process.  There is of course the impact, the moment of trauma, causing significant damage to the brain and oftentimes other body structures.  This is the primary concern as the patient is rushed to the emergency room for life-saving procedures.  […]


What Happens After the Coma?

Many people who have acquired a brain injury tell a similar story.  They gradually awaken from a coma.  They have to relearn aspects of life that were once simple tasks, like balance, walking, speaking, socializing, and tempering emotions.  Weeks pass, exhausted from math and reading classes, speech and physical therapy.  The process challenges the very […]


Vitamin D

Vitamin D Debacle We have heard a lot of questions this week concerning the recently released Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) ‘new and improved’ recommendations for vitamin D and calcium intake.  While the Institute’s recommendations about calcium seem to be agreed upon by most, the recommendations released for vitamin D have caused quite a stir in […]